Introducing Neom

What is Neom?

Neom is a new peer-to-peer solution for rental and home-letting services that aims to revolutionise the industry by completely removing the need for expensive, profit-driven middlemen, instead focussing on empowering the people that matter: hosts and visitors.

Imagine, if you will, a decentralised travel booking system that is owned and governed by its users instead of a profit-driven board of executives: this is what Neom is and will be.

Not only would this travel booking system be decentralised, but it would make paying easier than ever: forget fiat currency, just imagine paying for your holiday with the profit you’ve made from holding cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin & Ethereum.

Neom itself is a cryptocurrency token based upon the popular and rising Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and once you’ve got a Neom wallet you can:

  • Buy Neom
  • Send Neom
  • Instantly swap between Neom & USD and back
  • View important data like price fluctuations over time

What’s the roadmap?

We’re working extremely hard to get the app and token ready by the end of this year, but there’s a bunch of exciting ways to get involved right now, like by reading our whitepaper and checking out the roadmap.

In the very near future holders of Neom (more about how to get your hands on some below) should expect:

  • Listing on great exchange such as: Blockfolio, Coinmarketcap and CEXs
  • Android & Ios Apps
  • Live chat, booking support & UX improvements on the Neom website

Beyond the token and the website, you should also expect to hear loads more about us in the form of our exciting partnerships and press, the expansion of our team and funding and our charitable contributions to child abuse, human trafficking and mental health charities.

We think that there is a duty and a responsibility on our part to ensure the safe and responsible usage of home letting via cryptocurrency, especially when it is decentralised and paid for by cryptocurrency like this, but we remain excited about the future and are on track for excellent results: we hope you’re excited too.

We will create a DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) consisting of Neom token holders — both guests and owners — to help bring this vision into reality.

A majot selling point for those looking to use Neom in whatever capacity is that mainstream competitors charge fees of up to 20% whilst ours are set at 5%.

What problem does Neom solve?

Our belief, that you may share, is that each internet marketplace is driven by profit-seeking behaviour and that this is especially true of the home-letting sector.

This means that the platform reaps the lions share of what it shows, de-powering both of its major stakeholders: in this case hosts and guests. We seek to undo and reverse this trend.

We will be successful because modern consumers like us realise that there is simply no need for an expensive middle-man taking a large cut, when people need only to connect directly with each other. Neom needs only a host and a visitor, nothing else.

How does Neom work?

The image above outlines the Neom use case, so we’ll take this opportunity to talk about Neom’s tokenomics.

$Neom will be our utility token and enable and empower users to access the entire Neom suite including:

  • Making payments
  • Helping to govern the platform
  • Qualifying for rewards
  • Rising through loyalty levels
  • Earning referrals
  • Future revenue opportunities for hosts

Holding Neom will be entirely voluntary, but also heavily incentivised and encouraged.

The token will enjoy a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000 and be distributed in the following way:

The sellers tax is 10% with 5% reserved for holders and 5% locked in liquidity.

How can I get involved with Neom?

Visit to get involved with this exciting new decentralised token offering.

Whilst Neom will be available on the app and exchanges soon, the best way to get it right now is to use KoffeeSwap.

You can also get involved with us by following us on Telegram & Twitter!



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